Why Would You Want Two Or More Monitors?

Whenever I mention or try to get someone to use multiple Monitoring, I normally get the same response; I don’t need more than one.
Funny thing is, when I can convince someone to at least give it a try and set them up multiple Monitors as a trial for someone, the overall response is always the same; “I will never go back to a single Monitor again”.

After all, how many times have you been viewing a document on the screen, and needed to switch to your web browser or another document, you can only see one at a time unless you reduce each window size, which is not really a good solution. The answer to this problem is more screen space.
You could buy a larger monitor, but adding another monitor, especially having two large monitors gives you a totally different view. With two monitors you can have your browser and spreadsheet on screen at the same time. You can be viewing a website and pasting text into your PowerPoint or Word document or working with a Photo editor. In short, having two monitors dramatically improves your productivity. “Try working with 3; as I do”.