Small Business Network and Systems Security

Small Businesses need to implement cyber security
because approximately half will experience a cyber attack


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Small businesses are the newest targets for hackers.

Given their size, lack of skilled staff and minimal funds devoted to data defense.
How vulnerable are small business owners  to cyber attacks?
Extreme Computer Workstations can help you secure your IT infrastructure


Security Services


Business Firewall


Firewalls. Related Terms: Internet Security.

A firewall is a security device that is situated between a small business’s internal network and the Internet to help prevent unwanted outside access to the company’s computer system.

In simpler terms, it’s a gatekeeper that keeps malicious software, viruses and hackers out of your Network in order to prevent data breaches.

Hardware Firewalls

Hardware firewalls protect all of the Computers on a private Network, and are far easier to control than software firewalls. Businesses should combine a hardware firewall with other cyber-security solutions, such as a spam filter and antivirus, to

help keep their network fully protected.

Why Firewalls are Necessary
Minimize Cyber-security Threats

The main benefit of firewalls is that they prevent cyber-security attacks. Your IT provider can administer a set of specific rules on your network’s firewall that will recognize common viruses and malware and block them.

Monitor your Network for Breaches

To be clear, firewalls are not 100 percent impervious to cyberattacks. Your network can still be breached, especially as a result of human error by an employee.

Fortunately, firewalls do monitor your network and will alert us; your administrator if there is any suspicious activity occurring. This way, we can respond to the breach immediately before it causes too much serious damage.

Computer Antivirus

The first advantage of internet security for small business over a group of individual internet security licenses is that these suites include the ability to manage the software centrally from one PC or server. This means that you do not have to depend on your employees to keep the security on your company PCs up to date, and you’ll know right away if someone attempts to bypass your internet security. Many business internet security software also allow you to control what websites your employees visit, what data they share (unknowingly or knowingly), and to remotely erase data on stolen or lost laptops.

The best small business internet security suites help protect your business from debilitating malware and expensive data loss. The days of taking internet and company security causally are long past. Nowadays, all internet-connected computers and servers are targeted by those deploying ransomware or seeking to steal personal information such as credit card numbers, bank data and social security numbers. In addition to dealing with paralyzed computers and the loss of personal information, you also have to worry about safekeeping your employees’ and customers’ information. Most states require companies to report to the state if they suspect compromised data, and many businesses are subject to steep fines for compromising customer data with lax security protocols.

Branch Office to Branch Office (Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel)

Computer Security lock-down


Are Small Business Owners Protecting Themselves from Cyber Attack?

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