Computer / Tech Room Clean-up & Disposal

Does your Computer Room look like this:

After being in the IT industries for over 25 years i have inherited just about everything from Company to Company.
Tech – Computer Room filled with Computers, Printers, Switches, Keyboards and Mice, Wires, etc… and a lot of times this is one of my first task; to create order.

Cleaning up and managing your Computer / Tech Room

Your small Businesses just getting started with on-premise equipment often do the obvious thing with their first machine or two; they find an unused room, or a corner, perhaps where the Internet gateway already resides and set the brand new servers down on a desk, or on a shelf, or sometimes even on the floor. Power and network cables trail out like streamers. The business owner (or person nominated as the IT person) backs away slowly. The door to the new network closet, if there is a door, is left closed, a wooden portal to a dungeon of blinking lights and whirring hard drives.

How can Extreme Computer Workstations help?

We can come in and cleanup your Tech areas and dispose of your old Computers, and Network equipment.
Computer disposal includes securely wiping Data from your old  Hard drives.

We can bring order to your Tech Room by getting your Servers and Network equipment off floors, Desk, etc…

There are numerous options that don’t have to cost a Arm and Leg; call us to discuss: (912) 289-9296

  • Install Rack System
  • Cabinet
  • Cleanup Cables

Give us a call (912) 298-9296 or send a message to schedule a convenient time to come to your Business to complete an assessment.