Extreme Computer Workstations

There comes a point in every business when the owner realizes they need advice
and wonders, “Should I hire a consultant?”
And, as with most things in life, the answer is, “It depends.”

Who we are:

Extreme Computer Workstations is an Information Technology solutions provider with over 30 years of experience, which includes but not limited to Extreme high-end, high-performance systems builds, repairs, upgrades and our specialty; Information Technology consulting. We focus on managing SMB and corporate level networks, systems administrations, security, user, file sharing & permissions, print servers, computer management, and exchange server & office 365 email systems. We can handle everything from major network and systems set ups and troubleshooting, as well as working with smaller companies to make sure their networks are competitive. With a background in consulting, let us take your IT to the next level.

Why do people hire Information Technology consultants?

Small business owners hire IT consultants as a cost-effective way to bridge a gap in knowledge and skills within their company, or a as a way to bring a fresh, objective, and professional perspective to the companies Information Technology Infrastructure.

Here are the three most common reasons why our clients turn to consultants for help:

To find the problem(s): In many cases, a business may be exhibiting problematic “symptoms”, such as a slow Network, Virus problems, outdated Computer systems or File server issues, and internal management unable to pinpoint the source of the problem. In this case, an IT consultant can come in observe the symptoms within your operations, conduct some tests and research, and determine the root of the problem.

To create the solution(s): In some cases, you may have a goal such as, “additional security” that you can’t achieve internally either because there is a skills gap or because it is simply not within your company’s core competency. Hiring an IT consultant can save time and money, and ultimately achieve a better result.

Optimization: In some cases, your company may have grown very quickly and know there are lots of things you could be doing better, but you don’t even know where to start. An IT consultant can come in and bring in some fresh perspective, evaluate any or all areas of your current IT systems, and determine the processes and procedures to increase productivity levels.

How can Extreme Computer Workstations help?

·         Manage Users

·         Manage Servers / PC’s

·         Backup solution

·         Security – Firewalls

·         Printer management

·         PC Refresh

·         Anti-virus solution

·         Network Management

·         Patch and OS updates

·         Remote Management

·         Project based

·         Wireless management

·         Training

·         Service contracts

·         Website Design

Our Story; how we got here:

My wonderful Wife “Elaine” and I found ourselves coming to Jekyll Island staying at the “Villas By The Sea” twice a month just to decompress for over a year. Needless to say we fell in love with the area. We went back to Atlanta one weekend from decompressing and decided we were going to quit our jobs, me as an IT Manager and Elaine a Mental Health Therapist for a residential Mental Health facility, sell our Home and relocate to this beautiful area. With Elaine being a Mental Health Therapist that specializes in severe Trauma, Grief/Loss and depression, we started a Mental Health private practice on Gloucester Street “Living Transformations, LLC” and IT consulting business “Extreme Computer Workstations. We love being here….

My Experience:

As the owner of Extreme Computer Workstations, I have held top level positions such as:

GE Power Systems (5 Years) – Infrastructure leader, IT International IT projects manager, International acquisitions IT Manager. I have traveled throughout the World Managing projects in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Brazil, Madrid, Singapore, etc.…

Delta Airlines (3 Years)– Senior Systems Engineer for Delta Airlines, managing such projects: FuelMaster system to lock down and monitor ground equipment’s fuel management, Managed Systems and Network equipment used for Air disaster readiness, Engineer creating and managing PC Software loads.

Park Mobile Global – Security, Network and Systems Manager. PCI compliance

Curtis 1000 (8 Years) – Senior Security Engineer


Other specialties:

High-end, high-performance Systems builder

I am a master builder of custom Computers for Companies such as “Max Wave Media” who create compelling 3D architectural renderings and animations for Architects, Developers, Construction Companies, Interior Designers, Retailers, and Marketing firms. “They currently use (2) of my Dual 18 Core each Xeon E5-2696v3 Machines that SCREAM with a total of 36 Cores”. See them in action by clicking here.

I can custom build your perfect Machine as well.